Saturday, 29 Aug 2015

About Angstrom Management Consulting

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Angstrom was established by several enterpreneurs and executives who realized that there was an immense void in the services offered in Cyprus and abroad to international clients who intend to take advantage of offshore benefits , enter new markets and service their corporate needs. Although there are providers that can handle these functions on a specialist basis, there are very few that can offer a consolidated service.

Angstrom’s aim is to establish a long-term relationships with its clients by  delivering a full range of integrated services that SMEs and large organizations require to continually grow and succeed in today's marketplace. At Angstrom we have partnered with several top players from multiple industries, and through a centralized system we can efficiently manage your company formation, administration, M&A and growth capital requirements.

Our financial team is made up of specialists from the offshore, taxation and due diligence speheres. Exploiting the combination of their expertise with that of our Partners,  puts us in a position to offer you a full spectrum of financial services. Also, by combining the expertise of our in-house legal specialists with that of our practicing partners, we can confidently handle your legal posiitoning, concerns or transitioning.

Our Executive Search team is made up of consultants, associates and a research team. Our team of consultants if equally divided into industry professional and executive recruiters. our aim is to promote human capital as a prime asset,most valuable investment, and the largest contributor to the success of any organization. At Angstrom we offer a new, highly catered and holistic approach to your human capital requirements.

Ultimately at Angstrom, our clients' complete satisfaction is our principal objective.